В помощь изучающим английский. My childhood friends. Текст + Аудио.

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Страницы «В помощь изучающим английский» служат дополнительными уроками для школьников или взрослых, которые начали изучать английский язык. Студенты могут читать текст на английском и одновременно слушать его аудиозапись. В конце дана ссылка на страницу с переводом на украинский язык.

Читайте, слушайте, при необходимости смотрите перевод маленького рассказа «Мои друзья из детства».


cat and dog My childhood friends.

Every summer as a child I spent in the village. I had many friends there. We often swam in the lake, picked mushrooms in the forest.

I had two more friends — the dog Woof and the cat Moore. At first there was only the cat Moore, but the next year, for my arrival, my grandfather brought a small dog and named him Woof. Woof was smaller than Moore. At first the cat avoided the dog. No, he was not afraid of him, he did not want to be friends with him. But little Woof always ran after Moore, trying to play with him.

And Moore agreed after a few days. Now they began to run after each other around the yard, together they ran away from the rooster, which was guarding the hens. They even began to spend the night together on the veranda.

By the end of the summer, Woof had grown larger than Moore, but their friendship remained.

I loved both Woof and Moore very much, and they loved me. We went to the lake together. Woof was not afraid of water and swam with me. Moore did not go into the water. He sat on a rock on the shore and looked at us. One day he accidentally fell into the water and quickly ran away from there.

Moore was scared  but he really wanted to be with us. Since that time, Moore began to approach  the water closer and closer and even went into the water a little.

My grandfather made a separate small house for Woof in the yard. I brought a small blanket there. Woof liked his house and slept there at night. Sometimes Moore came to the friend and ran away from there only in the morning when my grandmother brought them both a delicious breakfast.

These were my friends. It is said, that a cat and a dog cannot be friends. I made sure it wasn’t. If friendship begins from childhood, then it is forever for both people and animals.

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