В помощь изучающим английский. Earth and Cloud. Текст + Аудио

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Примечания к тексту: 
— к некоторым словам, в скобках, дано примерное произношение их по-русски;
— в конце текста представлена аудиозапись притчи на английском языке, что позволяет одновременно слушать и читать текст;
— там же дана ссылка на русский перевод.

Earth and Cloud.

Du you speak English?   Earth and Cloud cannot live (лыв) without each other. But they do not always live peacefully (писфули). And now the Earth, with hope and fear (фийр), was watching the Cloud, which became more and more and descended (дисэндид) lower (ловэр) and lower to the Earth. Finally, the Cloud began to grumble (грамбл), and the Earth could not stand it:

— Listen, Cloud. All living things that grow, walk and run on my surface are tired of the sultry (салтри) Sun and are waiting for life-giving rain from you. But I only ask you, do not fall on us with a terrible downpour (даунпор), do not kill and do not burn (бёрн) everything in your path with lightning bolts. Let green grass, beautiful flowers and trees enjoy the water. Give people and animals a chance (чэнс) to rejoice. Give water to my small and large lakes and rivers. Keep your moisture (мойсчёр) in the forests and fields.

The Cloud flashed with lightning and grumbled loudly:

— I don’t have time to shower (шауэр) you with gentle rain for a long time. I have to hurry on, because they are waiting for me in other places.

— But listen, Cloud. You see everything from above. Your showers break my soil, wash it into lakes and rivers. The lakes have turned into muddy (мадди) puddles (падлс) that quickly dry up under the scorching sun. Small rivers dried up, covered with silt (сылт). The trees dry up. I can’t hold water for long. It rushes (рашэс) down in stormy dirty streams, destroying everything in its path — fields, meadows (мэдоувс), forests, cities and villages. Instead of joy, you bring only misfortune (мисфорчён).

— No, Earth. You listen to me. It is your people who are destroying forests, it is your people who are taking more and more water from rivers and lakes, dumping dirty sewage (сюидж) there. It is your people who dump garbage and other waste into rivers and lakes. I’m trying to wash it all out into the seas and oceans, but even my downpour can’t do it.

— Yes, you’re right, — the Earth sighed (сайгт). — But don’t wash away my soil, don’t turn me into a lifeless desert planet. After all, then you will disappear. There are no clouds over the desert.

— When will that be, — Cloud muttered. (матёрд) — Thousands of years will pass, but for now I do whatever I want. I enjoy life and no one can stop me from doing it. Here you are, Earth, live for today and do not think about the future.

The Cloud swirled (свёрлд) like a whirlwind (вёрлвинд) over the Earth, threw a heavy downpour onto the Earth and laughed (лафт) with thunder. She watched as muddy torrents destroyed houses, uprooted trees, and silted up land. The Cloud indulged in fun. Earth and Cloud did not agree.

How often our excessive (эксЭсив) striving (страйвин) for kindness (кайнэс) can turn out to be a disaster. A large dose of medicine can become (бикам) poison (пойзэн), excessive joy can become grief (гриф), strong love can turn into madness (мэднэс). There must be a measure (мэжэр)  in everything. And you should always hope that life does not end today. Tomorrow will come (кам) and everything must be done to ensure (иншюр) that this tomorrow is beautiful, so that the Earth and the Cloud can agree.

Притча на русском языке.

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