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(Любовь никогда не умирает. Притча из детства.)

Публикация всех шести частей учебного рассказа «Один день из моей жизни» ( One day from my life ) завершена. Судя по количеству кликов на этот рассказ и нескольких писем с положительными отзывами, такой учебный материал заинтересовал многих посетителей сайта. Поэтому публикация рассказов на английском языке и озвучивание их диктором продолжена. Первым рассказом из этой серии является Love never dies.

Если учебный рассказ «Один день из моей жизни» на английском языке предназначен для студентов с начальными уровнями знаний английского, то последующие рассказы будут полезны для студентов с более высокими уровнями.

Для тех, у кого появятся некоторые затруднения в понимании содержания рассказа (или в более точном переводе), в конце его представлена ссылка на русский вариант. Как обычно, рекомендуем вам обращаться к русскому тексту только после многократных попыток «освоить понимание своими силами».

Итак, читаем, слушаем – понимаем.

Текст читает Nicolas Berestyuk

Love never dies. A childhood parable.

Du you speak English?You cannot see it in the theater or the movie. I saw that emotional scene in the small park near our tall house. Since its establishment, the park had been a favorite recreation place for both adults and children. Seniors would always sit on benches in the shade of maple trees and watch their grandchildren play in the playground.

An artificial hill, specially made for children by builders, was one of the attractions the place had. They loved running up and down the hill in the summer while sledding or skiing down its slopes in the winter.

One evening, I came to this resting place and sat down on a bench. There were many people around. They went out to get some fresh air after a hot day to alleviate the exhaustion from work. Young people were walking in pairs; seniors, as always, were sitting on benches and watching their grandchildren play. And suddenly, a young man appeared at the top of the hill. He raised his hands and shouted loudly:

“I love you! Do you hear me? I love you!”

Everyone stopped and stared at the man in surprise. A girl ran up to him and began to drag him down, muttering something angrily. But, the man picked up the girl, whirled her around him, and kept on shouting:

“I love you! Let everyone know that!”

That put smiles on people's faces. An old man, looking at the happy lovebirds, started to clap his hands. And everyone around followed the old man, giving a thunderous ovation to the couple.

I recalled an experience that I had had as a child. I did not know why, but I had had a fight with my friends. I had come home angry and said that from then on I had had no friends. Mom had stroked my head, sat me down at the table, and told me a parable. Perhaps, I had not fully understood its meaning at the time, but it had settled me down nonetheless. Here is the parable the way I remembered it.

Once upon a time, there lived wonderful people in a small country. They trusted each other, never lost hope of success, and were happily in love. But an evil lord who envied the happy people came and ordered to imprison all the girls named Vera, Nadezhda, and Lyubov.

And life in the country changed. People lost faith in the good, in justice. Children stopped believing in Father Christmas, stopped waiting for presents for holidays and birthdays. Adults lost faith in God and justice. They lost hope for positive changes in their lives. Friendship and love disappeared. There were fights and even wars everywhere.

But then a young man came. He climbed onto the top of the largest mountain and shouted so loudly that his voice was heard in the most remote corners of the country:

“Maria, I love you! People, love never dies!”

People heard the young man's voice and started awaking from disbelief, like nature in spring. There was hope for the renewal of a better life. The dungeons were opened and the girls named Vera, Nadezhda, and Lyubov were released. The evil lord disappeared, and people forgot him right away.

A lovely story tale, but how much it means in our life. Indeed, true love will never die because all mankind will perish then too.

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